About Us

Four Flags Arabians has been an unlikely vision for me. I have always adored the Arabian horse and the traits that this breed in particular posseses that other breeds do not, however, breeding for me wasn't always in the picture. I was happy being an owner and a spectator. Being involved by way of my other business,
Arabian Origins Marketing, had been enough.

More recently I began to wonder if there was something I could contribute to the breed and I began to envision foals of my own. Infusing the strength of Bey Shah, Fame VF, Cytosk and the immortal, Bask by way of their proven sons, and grand-sons, daughters and grand-daughters. My goal is to breed carefully, only one or two foals per year, producing usable horses with champion ability and family personalities.

Absorbing as much knowledge from those around me, both triumph's and failures, I hope to breed a select few individuals that possess all of the treasured abilities owned by the Arabian horse to help solidify the future prosperity of the breed.

Thank you for visiting!

~ DeEtta Houts-Schey